Health and Discipline

Im trying to wrap my head around discipline, willpower and determination.

Is discipline real? Is it a trait we are born with, or can it be learned?

I stumbled over this question until I read Charles Poliquin’s article named “Myth of Discipline”. This changed my perception on the issue and really makes sense, discipline is love for thyself.

When your addressing your health you cannot cheat your way to success.

Relapses occur no matter how focused we are, but failing to control our impulses more than not leads to health consequences.

Its simply boils down to love for thy self. Do you love yourself enough to stop eating wheat because its feeding inflammation and making your joints achy?

Do you love yourself enough to train your body 4 times a week to keep a healthy blood chemistry?

If you love yourself and are serious about what you want to achieve, I agree with Charles Poliquin, discipline is a myth.

There are 2 kinds of mindsets.

The first being the larger percentage of the two whom wait until they are sick or ill to prioritize their health and well being.

The second and smaller of the two populations, realize their health and well being is top concern and how all other facets of life are compromised when sickness/disease occurs.

What are your motivating tools? Do you want to live and be healthy to see your children and grand children grow and develop?

Whatever it may be that motivates you, use it to keep you motivated and on course. I challenge you all to read the “Myth of Discipline”, start loving yourself and realize your weak points. Whatever area of your health is lacking is usually from lack of discipline and no accountability.

Fix this by checking out my higher health coaching modules and select one that can help you stay on track to a healthier, happier, and more productive life.

All can be achieved through love for thyself.